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Carpeting is created with a blend old and new technology. Carpet craftering has been refined over the years giving us wonderful styles and textures. There are two basic ways carpeting is made. Your choices will be weaved or woven carpeting or carpet that is tufted. Weaved or woven carpets are usually wool and possess great durability. But wool carpet is also expensive but it is money well spent. Weaved and woven carpets are still handmade with old world techniques or can be made with new age machine technology. With either method you will see the same results. Carpet warps is when the vertical fibers are woven around and through. Then those fibers are locked into the horizontal fibers. These are now called wefts. Some of the highest quality carpeting is weaved or woven creating beautiful and detailed patterns using multiple colors. There are carpet machines that are called Tufting machines because they are computer generated to produce everything from the density of the pile to the patterns and styles. The tufting machines can produce a high quality carpet and has eliminated the tedious work done by hand in the past. After the carpet fibers have been secured into place the carpet is ready to be dyed. Patterns are created for different effects. Carpet loops or pile are cut. The last stage is when the carpeting is pulled or stretched. The last stage of the carpet making is what creates the feel or the soft touch of your carpeting. To give the carpet a good stability is will be stretched a second time to the backing when it is installed. The majority of today’s carpet makers apply a stain retardant during the final stages of manufacturing. The installing of the carpet depends on how it was made. Back before carpets were made with computers or more modern technology carpet making was complicated because carpets were mostly made by hand. Because it took so long to hand-make a carpet the selection was minimal as were styles and colors. With computer made carpets the machines do most of the work while the machine operators watch. Machines can manufacture hundreds of carpets in so much less time and manpower that consumers have never had more choices than they have today. Frieze carpet is when the fibers are heated up and set or twisted into continuous fibers. Frieze is not as bulky and is great for holding onto its shape. If you want carpeting that will last a longer life span Frieze is a product to consider.


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